Friday, March 13, 2009

Sushi Scandal

Yesterday Fr. Tom listed his Top 10 sushi bars in the area, and I was pretty shocked a few of my favorite were completely absent from the list. He makes a good point though: the sushi bar that you visit most regularly will be the best place for you. While I agree with this statement, I still believe that some sushi bars serve better sushi no matter who walks in the door. Anyway, without further ado, here are my "Best Sushi Places Left Off of Fr. Tom's List":
  1. Kyoto - Some people might claim that this place is always packed only because of the Uptown allure. I disagree. Plus, the Sarah Roll is my favorite sushi roll in the city.
  2. Kanno - I think that Robert Peyton is in love with Chef Hide (not that there's anything wrong with that). Just walk in, sit at the bar, and tell Hide that you want the "feed me" or "omakase." If you don't like a certain species of fish, he is usually happy to work around your specific tastes.
  3. Sushi Bros - The Folk Singer would buy stock in this place if she could. Their lunch specials are a steal, and I find that the rolls are always bulging with fresh fish.

Note - Fr. Tom also left off Hana, but it's not one of my favorites.


Donnie Boy Riguez said...

Totally agree about Sushi Brothers. I think it's pretty much the best. I like it better than Wasabi, which draws the ire of Catfish Erin. Flamingo Pete, on the other hand, only eats Utah Rolls from Shogun. He will eat nothing else.

The Folk Singer said...

There's nothing like walking a mile down St. Charles during Thoth just to grab a window table at Sushi Brothers, eat an LSU roll, drink a Sapporo (or several) and watch the parades go by.

robert said...

Sushi Bros is pretty good, and I had some good aji mackerel at Sake Cafe on Magazine while Hide ::swoon:: was out of town.

So to avoid my having to wade through Tom's website, what were his picks?

Peter said...

Fr. Tom's List"

1. Ninja
2. Shogun
3. Horinoya
4. Sake Cafe
5. Little Tokyo
6. Wasabi
7. Mikimoto
8. Cafe Zen
9. Rock-n-Sake
10. Megumi

P.S. - No comment on the 8 different hyperlinks to your Kanno posts? That took me like an hour to do. It's like you don't even care....

Rene said...

He doesn't care. He is a big shot attorney in New Orleans. Its more likely he sent some rube to wait in line at Galatoire's for him. That way he and his inebriated friends can show up at 11 am still intoxicated from the night before and feast on delicacies. While the rest of us toil in ignorant bliss. The Dread Pirate has lost his common touch. When was the last post on sloppy joe's or corn dogs?

Donnie Boy Riguez said...

No way Mikimoto is better than Sushi Brothers. That's crazy talk.

Faine said...

Oy, I think Hana is pretty darn gross. I'm a Tulane student and many of my cohorts enjoy going down there to eat mayo-drenched cheap fish and overdo the sake...well, I guess if that's what you're into!

I really like Horinoya myself. Lots of interesting menu items. Keep on meaning to try Kyoto since I live real close...hmm...

Anonymous said...

Kanno is number 1 right now in my opinion.

Fat Harry said...

The creepy raw sewage smell that permeates Ninja's downstairs creeps me out big time. Mikimoto has a drive through window. Megumi is somewhere like an hour away from NOLA. I have never heard of Cafe Zen. Tom's list is a piece of garbage.

Andrew Lilly said...

The softshell crab wasabi miso ALONE takes Kanno to a level that others aren't capable of, although Kyoto on Prytania is a close second.