Monday, March 2, 2009

Hogs for the Cause

I want to take a timeout today from our regularly scheduled drivel to tell you about something very special. Its called Hogs for the Cause. A few months ago Banker Hall contacted me about helping him put on a pig roast. He wanted me to do the cooking while he would do the drinking. Discussions ensued and the next thing I know we formed a charity.

Hogs for the Cause will be a yearly event that will use the glories of the pig to raise money for a worthy cause. This year's recipient is Ben Sarrat, Jr. You can read all about Ben here on his dank blog.

So what do I want from you readers. Well some donations would be great. Any amount you can spare, be it $5 or $500 will be greatly appreciated. You have to admit that is a pretty sweet logo. And if you are like us, I bet your frat shirts from college are falling apart. Well, lucky for you in the next week we will have that logo on a t-shirt for sale! See we think of anything.

Please help. If you do, I promise you another year of blogging. If you can be of help, please drop us a line. And trust me, until this goal is filed, I have your email address and I will send you all sorts of emails. Most of them could get you fired. Its up to you.


Remy said...

To the Peter who writes on here:
Were you at the Westons' for dinner last night?! Elizabeth came in to tell me that someone (her cousin, was it?) had asked about me at her house last night, mentioning that I am "the competition." Oooh... that sounds intense.

Rene said...

Sounds like the Dread Pirate Robert. We would never describe Passionfruit Butter as our competition, it would be a huge insult to your work.

Passionfruit Butter said...
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Remy said...

I still haven't figured out all your epithets. I'm just slightly confused because I could've sworn she attributed the quote to one Peter... but if you insist, perhaps then it was a Peter who is totally unrelated to Blackened Out. This was just the first hypothesis I concocted.

Rene said...

Dread Pirate Robert runs He likes to use pseudonyms.