Thursday, March 12, 2009

Mid-City Mexican

I have wanted to try Taqueria Guerrero Mexico for a while, but I could never convince anyone to go with me. Luckily, I caught The Folk Singer in an inebriated and hunger-stricken state on a recent evening, and the lure of freshly made Mexican was enough to push her to explore the unknown.

The ambience is minimal and a tad cheesy in a Mexican bordertown kind of way. Thankfully, during college I spent many a night in cheesy Mexican bordertown joints, so I felt right at home.* After complimentary chips and a duo of salsas, our entrees were quickly delivered.

Buried under that pile of lettuce and drizzle of sour cream were 6 freshly rolled chicken enchiladas in a traditional mole sauce. The mole tasted - and I could not come up with another word other than - "deep" but with no acidity whatsoever and minimal spice. There was no strong chocolate flavor either. Not that the sauce was bad, just not really vibrant or what I expected.

This trifecta of tacos cost all of $6, and I am not joking when I say there was close to 1/4lb of meat on each. As at most of the local authentic Latino eateries around town, you get your choice of a variety of meats. I had tongue, beef, and pork (they were out of chicharrón unfortunately). The tacos are simply dressed with a few onions and cilantro, but they also had the added bonus of being served on not one but TWO corn tortillas. So instead of 3 tacos chock full of meat, you could make 6 tacos which are easier eat.

Taqeuria Guerrero Mexico - Birdie.

*Maybe one day we will organize a BlackenedOut field trip to Ciudad Acuña to eat at Ma Crosby's and drink at the Corona Club. If we could only figure out a way to keep Legend away from the donkey show.


Arthur "The Bear" Hebert said...

Should be whipped for having no pork skin. My favorite along with tongue

Faine said...

Have they got cabeza? I may have to hitchhike down there if they do. I MISS CABEZA.