Friday, March 27, 2009

Weekend Roundup

Lots to do this weekend and hopefully the weather will cooperate. Speaking of rain, tonight's Taste of the Town has been relocated to the East Jeff parking garage because of expected showers. But don't let this serve as a deterence - last year the same thing happened and we still had a blast.

Tomorrow Rene will be out at the Fly cooking a hog for the cause. Ben Sarrat Jr. needs all the support we can give him, so come on out and donate. You might even get to meet a real live food blogger.

I hope your brackets fared better than mine last night. Have a good weekend.


Shedd said...

I don't know if you'll read this in time or not, but out of curiosity, as someone who will probably have to be late to the event (8:45 or so) is Taste of the Town still worthwhile? Or has the food petered off by that point?

Peter said...


Tough to say. If you said that you would be arriving at 8:00, I would say it is most certainly worthwhile. But 8:45? I don't know. There will still be plenty of chargrilled oysters left, but they might have stopped frying foods by then. Last year the bars shut down a little after 10. The problem is that most of the attendees are older, and thus the crowd thins out earlier.

Honest opinion based on my experience last year in the parking garage: not worth the $90.

Rene said...

And trust Peter on this, he has gotten a lot more in a parking lot for $90.