Thursday, March 19, 2009

After Work Tomorrow...

Hey looking for something to do on Friday after 5, once your boss leaves the office. Ok, more like 3 p.m. Want to be quasi-philanthropic, drink some wine, and then maybe head over to Esplanade to eat at either Lola's or Cafe Degas? Well you are in luck. On Friday night from 5:30-7:30, Cork & Bottle Fine Wines is hosting a wine tasting at the historic Pitot House overlooking Bayou St. John with Jon Smith leading the charge. I am resisting the urge to mention he should rename Clever, Bar St. Jon.* The cost is $10 and all proceeds go to the Pitot House.

Look at it this way. You could go to a bar and spend $10 on some crap Bud Light, while some investment banker tries to bag your lady and the DJ spins Sandstorm in Yiddish. Or you could drop a ten spot, sit along the banks of a beautiful bayou, in a gracious New Orleans house, drink four remarkable wines, and just relax. I don't know but as my cousin from the Sham-Wow commercials says, "this things sells itself" and "cause I can't do this all day."

For more info contact Cork & Bottle at 504.483.6314 or you can call the Pitot House at 482.0312.

The Pitot House is located at 1440 Moss Street and can be found on the web at

*Background. When Jon Smith, no relation to the explorer, began blogging on the world wide web, I suggested he should call his blog Cork and Bloggle. He originally laughed it off, but eventually agreed with me. As you should always do.


BreauxtherMartin said...

Leave the ShamWow out of this, its made in Germany - you know the German’s always make good stuff.

tigeratlaw said...

Ha. Ok boys, get it out of your systems. ShamWow is like old wine...time to toss it out! In with the new I say; to wit: "you're gonna love my nuts," and "stop having a boring tuna...stop having a boring life." So poignant.