Friday, March 20, 2009

Boozing with Bracketology

After overcoming the ego check from President Obama picking against them, the LSU Tigers defeated Butler yesterday to move on to playing top-seeded North Carolina on Saturday at 4:45. It's an unorthodox time for a tipoff, but an absolutely perfect setup for an after game meal. We'll let you decide where to eat after the game, but here are a few spots where you can cheer on the Tigers while enjoying an adult beverage:
  1. The Bulldog - I prefer Mid-City with the outdoor TVs but the Uptown original is OK too.
  2. Mid-City Yacht Club - Hopefully they will have the projection screen set up.
  3. Cooter Browns - Classic spot, but you may be harassed by Tulane fans.
  4. Bruno's - Much better for watching games than the old location.
  5. Ryan's Irish Pub - If you happen to be in the Quarter.

Unfortunately, I have yet to find a NOLA bar that serves both hot boudin and cold coush-coush.


Fat Harry said...

Go to hell LSU.

Section123 said...

I prefer the Magazine Street location with its lack of structure fires.

And look, it must be time for a playoff in some sport (baseball, football, basketball, etc...) because as usual, Ole Miss fans have no team to watch and must resort to rooting against LSU. Hotty Toddy indeed