Monday, March 23, 2009

Semolina's Bistro Italia

On a late Sunday afternoon, The Folk Singer and I were walking down Magazine Street looking for a place to eat. Slim Goodies and Gott Gourmet Cafe were both already closed, so we settled on Semolina's Bistro Italia. Before we move onto the food, let me say that this is a great space for a restaurant with its tall ceilings, outdoor tables and windows for watching passersby, and mirrored walls which give the appearance of a much larger dining room.
We began with an unorthodox but artfully presented caprese bruschetta made with garlic bread, grape tomatoes, and boccichini mozzarella. Different but good.

The Folk Singer had the Jazz Fest perennial favorite crawfish roban (but made with penne instead of rotini). In my opinion, this dish is the archetype for Rene's theory on the food at Jazz Fest.

I had the meatball ciabatta with a side of sun dried tomato polenta. The polenta was thick and buttery (but that's how I like it), and the sandwich was neither the best nor the worst I've had. On a sidenote, I kind of felt guilty about liking the bread because I am pretty sure it came straight from Sysco.

Semolina's Bistro Italia - Par.

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Arthur "The Bear" Hebert said...

look like a sysco product to me as I saw just a product at the show wednesday comes from vie de france bakery in atlanta