Monday, March 9, 2009


Mona's holds a special place in my heart because it was my first true "ethnic" dining experience. Actually, as my parents tell the story, the first time they took me to Mona's on Banks Street I said, "This stuff looks like baby food. I'm not eating this crap." But I quickly matured into the open-minded foodie before you, and Lebanese food became an obsession of mine during high school. It got so bad that when my brother and I would call in our takeout order we did not even have to give a name.

Gyro, hummus, baba ganoush - Mona's does all of these classics well and for cheap. I usually go with the Mona's Special Appetizer, which the menu notes is "for 2" but I have never been one to subscribe to such suggestions. This sampler platter contains no meat save for the lone fried kibby, but it does include that wondrously thick yogurt dip known as lebna. I believe that I can trace my 20lb sophomore year weight gain to that tangy sauce flavored with mint. Those khaki uniforms were a little tight during Algebra II .

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Donnie Boy Riguez said...

When in Metry, hit up Acropolis. The baba is to die for. It's not bitter like every other recipe I've ever tasted. They take extra special care of the eggplant. It's next to Arby's on Vets, on the corner of Taft which is near Cleary. It's in a strip mall with an MMA shop. I usually stop in Acropolis when I get new mouth guards.