Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Steins Deli

In college, I developed some serious vices, not the least of which was being a lard ass. I did the Freshmen Fifteen about 5 times too many. Mostly this was do to poor eating habits, a lack of exercise, Nat Light, and quitting smoking. The rest of the weight came from Cheese Steaks.

I went to school in rural Virginia near the confluence of two major interstate systems (I-81 and I-64). Yet despite this, there were no less than 4 Italian Sub/Pizza/Obesity Dens, all run by Italians who drive Hummers. You do the English.

My favorite Cheese Steaks came from Frank's. I liked to add Mayo, Green Peps, Onions, and Lettuce (for the health benefits). Frank's was within walking distance of the fraternity house, not that we ever tested that theory though. I would say conservatively in 4 years of college I ate close to 250 Cheese Steaks. One time, I ate two in one hour, which led to me almost a) dying b) accepting a bet for $500 that I couldn't eat 20 cheese steaks in 5 days. It was so bad Oprah called me fat.

So imagine my delight in going to Stein's the other day and seeing that the Tuesday special was a Philly Cheese Steak. I had to restrain my inner fat from ordering two! And this Philly was so good, it brought me back to Bush's first term. An Italian roll, more squishy than our french bread, thin sliced rib eye grilled to perfection, Cheez-wiz (authentic and god dammit its good), onions and green peppers. Grease/juice/cheez/angel dust ooze out and drip all over like culinary napalm, so be careful.
Lindsay got the Southern Animal Foundation because she likes to save animals by eating animals. She also likes bacon, provolone, avocado, and turkey. The S.A.F. also has some strips of cucumber which help to lighten up the fattiness of the bacon and avocado.
We also split some Matzo Ball Soup, which we fight over every time. The stock makes it. Full of flavor but with very little greasiness to it. Why is this picture so bad? Because I said so, that's why.

The seating can be a bit awkward in Stein's as people fight to claim the few spaces. But don't let that stop you. Its one hell of a good deli. Steins is on Magazine and Jackson. Also, Dan Stein is one of New Orleans's foremost authorities on beer. In fact, he, Dan Esses, and the visionaries at St. James are hosting a beer dinner on March 26th. Info available here.


Shedd said...

Lettuce and mayo on your cheesesteaks? The Philadelphian in me gasps at the audacity. Glad to hear a decent cheesesteak might be found here though.

Rene said...

Like I said it was for the health benefits. Other options available at Stein's for your Philly include Pizza Sauce. I did not see Ranch dressing, although I plead the fifth concerning my involvement with Ranch dressing and food in college.

St. James Girl said...

To me, pizza sauce belongs on a Steak-Um, not a cheesesteak. But I am from Northern PA, so what do I know.