Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Your Call - Churros Cafe

This week's Your Call comes from my co-worker who constantly raves about the Cuban sandwich at Churros Cafe in Metairie. Located just a few blocks off Vets near Clearview, Churros is not exactly on my radar. But a trip to John's Tuxedos around the block gave me two opportunities to try it out - once for the pickup and once for the return.

All of the pressed sandwiches at Churros start with New Orleans style French bread, which compresses into a thin, dense layer surrounded by a crunchy (but not greasy) crust. The Cuban is filled with slices of ham, roasted pork, and swiss, then dressed with mustard and pickles. Two kinds of pork - What's not to love?

Because all of the pressed sandwiches are under $7, I decided to sample the "Special Spanish sausage" version as well. (I can't remember the Spanish name and lost my paper copy of the menu, but I am 99% certain that it was not chorizo). This version was less impressive, with the amount of Swiss cheese overwhelming the sausage by a ratio of at least 7 to 1.

On my return visit, I branched out beyond the pressed sandwiches. I started with a thin, crispy crusted empanada filled with ground beef. I was touted on the Wednesday special of ropa vieja. The shredded beef was slow cooked in a tomato sauce and served with white rice, black bean soup, and a salad of iceberg and a few slices of tomato with Italian dressing. Though the beef and beans were delicious, the $10 plate left me still hungry, as the serving of ropa vieja was barely 3oz.

Though the ambiance screamed suburban USA, the majority of the patrons were speaking Spanish. Furthering the notion that Churros is a little piece of Havana in Metairie, the central table has a sign which says “Reserved for Cuban Mafia.” While the food was good overall, my patronage is limited by location. I doubt I will return to Churros unless I need to rent another $130 tuxedo. (Don't even get me started on that racket.) But if/when I am in the area, it will be tough to decide between the Cuban or ropa vieja sandwich.

Churros Cafe - Par


Celeste said...

I have cuban sandwiches on the brain, too:

Peter said...

Great minds...

Felice said...

word to the wise- Perlis is the best place to rent a tux. cheap (~$80) and good quality (e.g., suspenders that button on instead of clip on). And you dont have to leave Orleans Parish.

Rene said...

Yes, but Felice, many to be wedded couples do not take such considerations into place.