Monday, April 26, 2010

In Search of Monday Lunch: Yo Mama's

The best burger in New Orleans is at Yo Mama's. And that ain't no joke.

Across the street from the St. Peter's entrance to Pat' O's sits a bar with Neil Young on the jukebox and a burger to rival any in the country. But don't take my word for it. Dr. Dre and Dieter were in town recently to run in some race. Post-race we went to Yo Mama's where Dieter said with a mouthful of burger and vodka, "This is the best fu$king burger I've ever had."

The interior of Yo Mama's is the color of bar. No frills, just some booths, stools, and cold beer. You order from a list of ten or so options. Those options range from plain to a bizarre Russian offering (with sour cream and caviar). Your best bet is the standard cheeseburger.

Ground meat should be handled as carefully and little as a rattlesnake. Mushing, mixing, pattying can cause beef to become tough. For best results, in the words of Mr. Miyagi, "Just leave it the hell alone." At Yo Mama's, I often wonder if anyone even touches the beef before it hits the grill. The exterior of the burger is charred and crusty, but the interior is soft and fluffy. This to me is what sets their burger apart from others.

Great fat ratio in the meat leads to a juicy burger. When you finish the burger you want to drag the few remaining bits of bun, lettuce, or onion through the mayo, burger juice dressing on the plate. Do it.

Plus, it comes with a baked potato instead of the mass-produced fries. Stuffed to the max with cheese, butter, real bacon, sour cream and chives, this makes cheese fries seem childish. And if there is anything better than making other food feel childish on a Monday, I haven't found it. This is your burger, its Yo Mama's.

Yo Mama's - Eagle. You are damn right.


Faine said...

I've always walked by Yo Mama's and wondered if the talk about it having the bestest burger in town was true. Guess the question is answered. Yum.

Rene said...

Be warned. Eating burgers at other places, Port of Call included, will be ruined.

Anonymous said...

Where do you get to take a nap after?

Lindsay said...

I agree that the burgers at Yo Mama's are very tasty! And you can get Mac and Cheese as a side...can it get any better?

flojindamesa said...

I'm so happy to see you spreading the truth in the Yo Mama's - Port of Call showdown. Much like peeps in the Easter candy debate, I don't even think POC should be in the same ranking.

Jones said...

While I agree that Yo Mama's makes a damn good burger, I'm inclined to ask you check out Martin's Wine Cellar as well. Their daily burger special is always solid, but you can garnish as you see fit. As someone who respect's your opinion, I'm curious to get your take on this rendition. The flavor of the meat is just so damn good...consistently. Of course, you can up the anty & take it to Luke, or Herbsaint (if its on the menu)--but these are sometimes 50% more expensive...but still good.

Rene said...


I have had Martin's burger although admittedly its been about a year. And they do have some good toppings, but I don't know if the meat compares. The softness of the interior of the burger at Yo Mama's is what sets it apart.

But I'll give Martin's another look see as it is burger season.