Friday, April 9, 2010

French Quarter Fest

French Quarter Fest is unquestionably my favorite event of the year:

  1. No ticket to buy
  2. The last few days of cool weather provide the perfect setting
  3. Stages are spread out, which results in well dispersed crowds
  4. Great music, but not main stream acts
  5. Terrific food

If your weekend is relatively free, I highly recommend volunteering for a shift. The Folk Singer had a great time last year; and if that's not reason enough, think about this: Volunteers are who help keep the festival free of charge and the beer flowing rapidly. Speaking of, The Nun will be working one of the Abita booths as always, and she has promised free beer to anyone with an "I heart Blackened Out" tattoo.

So enjoy the weekend, folks. Nothing to look forward to but 3 days of sunshine, grilled chicken livers, and SoCo Mango Mamas.

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Anonymous said...

Had Tujaques brisket, which is usually a standout, not so this year. About as tender as shoe leather. CharlieH