Friday, April 30, 2010

The New Orleans Po-Boy

Late one night I was flipping through channels when something caught my eye and caused me to stop on the New Orleans City Council Public Access channel. Standing behind the podium was a crowd of people in Parkway Bakery hats emblazoned with the slogan "The New Orleans Po-Boy." In the center, stood Justin Kennedy, hand on the microphone, tearing up as he accepted an award on behalf of the Parkway Bakery. He said, "I remember after Katrina... it was just me and Jay... no city, no police, no nothing. And it's hard work, we're out there serving sometimes 1000 people a day."

I think that Stacy Head put it best: "This is what New Orleans is about."

So this weekend before you sneak into the Fair Grounds through a hole in the fence, you may want to fortify yourself with a po-boy from Parkway, which we reviewed in this month's issue of OffBeat Magazine. May we recommend the hot sausage with roast beef gravy dressed, 3 beers, and a brownie? Well, maybe that might not be the best idea as squeezing through that hole is harder than it was in high school. The Rueban (sic) is served on rye toast instead of French bread, so that "light lunch" might be the better way to go.

Just think of how many more $5 luke warm Miller Lites you can drink with the ticket money you saved.

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