Wednesday, July 23, 2008

TV Guide (Blackened Out Edition)

If you are like me, then you are "over" the Food Network. Don't get me wrong, I still enjoy a few of their shows (Good Eats, Boy Meets Grill, and old reruns of Cook's Tour), but I really am not a fan of watching cooking challenges, which seems to be the majority of their productions these days. Seriously, how many more "Tours of American Diners, Cookouts, and Roadside Confectioner Castle Contests" do we need?

But I still love food and watching television about food. I have seen every episode of No Reservations (multiple times), and if ever the day comes that Bourdain is no longer able to endure eating another bowl of pho from a street vendor in Vietnam, then, Lord willing, Rene and I will assume his responsibilities as US food ambassadors to the world.

In the meantime, I have discovered my new favorite food show: After Hours. The concept is so simple - Chef Daniel Boulod (a native of our second favorite city in the world, Lyon) travels to different restaurants and hosts an "after hours" dinner party with other local chefs and celebrities. Boulod and his sous cook a few courses, and the resident chef whips up a few of his restaurants signature dishes. Add wine and good company and you have one hell of a meal and one hell of a show.

I also like to drink, but not nearly as much as this guy Zane Lamprey who plays a sort of "Bourdain of Booze" role on Three Sheets. Basically he travels all over the world with this stuffed monkey and drinks. A lot. I mean, this guy likes to get f*cked up. And that's what the show is all about: one man and his quest for intoxication. (I think they are in negotiations with Legend to host the next season).

So check out After Hours and Three Sheets on MOJOHD (Channel 751 in NOLA). I can almost guarantee two things:

  1. You will enjoy both shows
  2. You will burn with envy as to how these people are traveling all over the world to eat and drink ... and getting paid for it.

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