Tuesday, July 1, 2008

For Lunch Today...

Yes, we have been slacking. There are individuals out there who have not eaten in days, due to our lack of proficiency. However, we refuse to make excuses as our belief here is the following: "We don't make excuses, our friends don't need them and our enemies won't believe 'em."

This weekend, I rediscovered an old haunt and found it to still please. Lee's Hamburgers (on Vets and Metairie Road) is worth the trip. You can watch as your order is relayed to the grill man, who then scoops out our ground beef, places it on the grill, and then smothers it in onions. A sloppy burger leads to a happy eater. Fries or onion rings (the crusty Liuzza's style) completes the order.

If you are going to eat a burger, why not spend $2-4 more dollars, support a local institution, and eat a better burger?

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