Thursday, July 3, 2008

For Lunch Today...

A long time ago on this date Americans were still British. So to celebrate the last day of Allegiance to the King of England, how about some British food. When I think of British heritage in New Orleans a couple of things come to mind. First the Bombay Club; however they are not open for lunch. Second the Garden District. Third, whooping their ass in Chalmette.

So today for lunch I would like to offer you two choices. The first is to go to Commander's Palace, drink tea with your pinky extended, and watch the markets develop. The second is to drive down to Chalmette, stop at Rocky and Carlos's, and pig out. Your choice. Because if we should take anything away from celebrating our nation's independence it is this: Tyrants honk, and democracy rules.

This would also be a good time to mention plans are in the works for a Who Dat Say/Blackened Out Bollocks Party for the Saints Chargers game. Buy a scarf, shave your head, and learn how to drink bitter beer; its time to become a hooligan.

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