Monday, July 7, 2008

For Lunch Today...

In the spirit of the season, I have been on a huge barbecue kick. So for those of you who did not get your fill of smoked meats over this past 4th of July weekend, this one goes out to you.

Last week I was for fortunate that Big Brutal Dave decided to take some time out of his busy bar review schedule to squeeze in lunch with me. There was no question as to where we would be eating: BBD loves, and I mean loves Ugly Dog.* In fact, just a few months ago I ran into BBD enjoying his birthday dinner there before a Hornets playoff game. He is a man of humble means, ladies and gentlemen, what else can I say...

Ugly Dog is just off Tchoupitoulas on Andrew Higgins. The problem is that, eventhough it is still located just outside the CBD in the Warehouse District, its too freaking hot outside to walk to during the summer months. Thus, the necessity of driving may deter some from choosing Ugly Dog for a quick lunch. But they are the ones who are missing out. Regardless, it serves quite a sizable lunch crowd during the week but slows down significantly during dinner.**

BBD recommends the pulled pork, and I would have to agree with him. Add on a loaded baked potato plus a side of that tangy coleslaw, and you have a hefty and tasty lunch for around $10. On my last visit I tried the burger - it's OK, but not the best this place has to offer. The chicken sandwich looked about the same. The brisket is pretty solid, and the pork spare ribs are a decent stand in for the ones you never have the time (nor the patience) to cook at home.

But I must say, the coleslaw alone is worth coming here for. Dressed with a combination of mayo, molasses, and soy sauce, I could probably eat an entire bucket of this stuff. Most of you should have already seen this next tip coming: put the coleslaw ON TOP of the pulled pork sandwich. Straight $.

Ugly Dog Saloon - Par on a par 3 with difficult pin placement.

* "Dude, they put f*cking molasses on the coleslaw. F*cking molasses. Gives it that tang. F*cking awesome."

** Blackenedout Exclusive Tip: After 5pm the Ugly Dog offers potatoes au gratin as a side dish.


BBD said...

The cole slaw really is amazing, and if you get to go after 5, do. the potatoes augratin are covered in this creamy cheese sauce with a little spicy kick. incredible.

Cha Ching said...

Fully agree with Dave. If you are feeling especially hungry, daring and/or fat, might I suggest the double augratin as your two sides. Sure it costs an extra $1.50 and might require a mid afternoon nap under the desk, but you'll thank me. Further, although tempting, make sure not to park along the neutral ground on Tchoupitoulas. The parking authority is in full force. I know from experience. Hell of a blog, ever since the Ugly Dog lunch with Peter and BBD I'm hooked. Keep up the good work.

Peter said...

Cha Ching,

Double au gratin as your sides? You are one crazy guy...and that's what I like about you.