Tuesday, July 8, 2008

This Little Piggy Went to Cochon...

On a recent firm field trip, I along with several others dined at Cochon. Beside free lunch on the firm, another lagniappe on this outing was the inclusion of Section 123 Saints Fan ("SSF") in our little group, which in the end proved to pay dividends well beyond the enjoyment of his trademark wit and appreciation for his use of the Blackenedout rating system.

Our first dilemma manifested when it came time for ordering appetizers. There were 9 in our group, but a total of 12 starters on the menu (6 small plates and 6 boucherie). Despite suggestions to limit the number of appetizers to the number of diners, SSF took control of the situation and ordered all 12. Well done, sir. Well done.

Once the array of small plates arrived, we were treated to a magnificent display of all things porcine. I think one of our fellow diners put it best: "I think that if we put together all of our appetizers, we could probably reconstruct an entire pig." My favorites were the spicy grilled pork ribs (with the meat nearly falling off the bone), the fried pig ears (yeah, you read that right), and the fried alligator (bite sized morsels tossed in chili garlic aioli - delicious). The oyster roast and hot sausage never made it down to my end of the table (freaking vultures), but I was not too upset because I had already tasted both of those on prior occasions.

Why, oh why, did I not order the cochon for my entree? I honestly don't know. But something came over me when the waiter asked for my entree, and I decided on the smoked brisket. It was awesome. The beef was meltingly tender, served in a pool of au jus, and accompanied by a sharp horseradish potato salad. SSF got the cochon, but he was envious of Da Bruce's rabbit and dumplings. So he took a bite... and then proceeded to scald 90% of the taste buds on his tongue.*

Everyone was too full for dessert. I probably could have taken down a slice of pineapple upside down cake were it not for the half dozen rolls I ate, but I like to at least give off the impression that I have self control. The lukewarm reception to someone's suggestion of a round of moonshine as a digestif meant that it was time to head back to the office. I guess that (contrary to popular belief) these lunches really don't pay for themselves after all....

Cochon - Eagle on a relatively short par 5, but with the opportunity for a double eagle if you "go for the green in 2" by ordering all 12 appetizers.

*Rule #76 when dining out: If your food is served steaming in a cast iron skillet, probably a good idea to let it cool for a few minutes before tasting it.

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David C. Coons said...

Too few restaurants offers pineapple upside down cake (PUDC). It is so delicious. I laugh in the face of anyone who says that PUDC is "childish" or "silly" or "befitting of someone from new Metairie." PUDC is one of my 3 favorite birthday party cakes (the other 2 being ice cream and cookie cakes).