Wednesday, September 2, 2009

I Scream, You Scream

Lakeview has been adding new eateries with fervor over the past few months. Recent openings in the 70124 dining scene have fulfilled three key groups in the Blackened Out Food Pyramid: buttermilk drops, po-boys, and now ice cream thanks to the opening of the second location of The Creole Creamery on Vicksburg. I appreciate the strategic placing of TCC directly across from St. Dominic's church - perfect for an afternoon Mass filled with repentance followed by a sinful reward of a double scoop of salted caramel (above). I am not sure there is a better flavor on this planet.

In other news, while waiting out an early afternoon rain storm inside TCC a few weeks back, The Folk Singer and I chatted up the counter girl, who offered some keen insight into the churnings behind The Creole Creamery. She said that after TCC was featured on Diners, Drive Ins and Dives last year, they were slammed with people embarking on a Guy Fieri culinary tour of NOLA. "Well, we just came from Joey K's, and so now we want a Sky Scraper," they would say. Some of the wannabes even spiked their hair and wore pinky rings. But I guess since The Pope started sporting 7 jeans, we have no room to judge.

Another little tidbit she let us in on is that TCC will be featured on this month's New Orleans episode of Chefs vs. City, which is the same show that Rene and I auditioned for back in March. Like Rob on Swingers, we were still optimistic because we had not heard an "official no" yet, but for now it seems that the dream has died. Oh well.

Our source tells us that the Chefs vs. City competition included a Tchoupitoulas Challenge, which is sort of like an ice cream eating Olympics, except that in this case one team got to pick their flavors first so the other was stuck eating Avocado & Cream, Beet Generation, Wasabi-Pistachio, etc. All I know is that had Blackened Out been competing, we would have destroyed 8 scoops of Steen's Molasses Oatmeal Cookie and Poblano Lime and THEN finished the other team's Tchoupitoulas just for sh*ts and giggles. But I guess Rene and I don't have what it takes like Brian Boitano does, so we will just have to stick with our day jobs for now.

At this time TCC in Lakeview unfortunately does not have the Tchoupitoulas because the positioning of the bathrooms is... shall we say... less than ideal for those valiant warriors who come up short on the challenge. But we were offered a few tips in case we ever decide to take the plunge:
  1. Plain favored ice creams are preferred because they are easiest on the stomach.
  2. Same goes for fruit toppings and syrups because they have less sugar than the chocolate or caramel alternatives.
  3. Her most valuable piece of advice though was this: "Some people ask for the Tchoupitoulas and then get gummy worms as one of their toppings. I'm like, 'Dude, there is no way you are finishing this thing if you get gummy worms. They are like the kiss of death.' But they never listen to me."
But rumor has it that the Tchoupitoulas might be soon coming to 70124. Apparently there is a Lakeview resident who has put in many a request with TCC to bring the Tchoupitoulas to Vicksburg Street. This particular individual is one of TCC's best customers - frequently sending his wife to fetch a double scoop of Bananas Foster while he lays on the couch and watches football.

But until then, we will have to settle for the Peanut Butter Fudge Sundae. Life sure is rough on the lakefront.


Anonymous said...

Stupid question- Why is it called the Tchoupitoulas Challenge, if Creole Creamery is on Prytania?

Prytaniac would be better.

Ellewoodsc said...

If Blackened Out is up for footing the bill, i will take the Tchoupitoulas Challenge and show them what Lakeview eaters are made of. Maybe then, they will bring that sh*t to the 70124....

Real Big Tally said...

I really think Ellewoodsc has the right idea. Blackened Out definitely needs to sponsor some sort of Tchoupitoulas competition. I'll throw my hat in to represent Baton Rouge.

Also, I never understood getting gummy anything on ice cream. The different textures never seemed to appealing to me.

Rene said...

You are on Ellewoodsc. We buy the Ice Cream. You finish it, we buy you lunch. You puke, dont finish it, cry, or soil yourself, you owe us for the ice cream.


We dont back down from challenges.

Donnie Boy Riguez said...


Anonymous said...

Not being a huge ice cream fan (I know, I know- freak job), the salted caramel calls to me after dinner! Swoooooon.

Eating The Road said...

I love The Creole Creamery!