Monday, August 17, 2009

Reviving the Whole Loaf in Lakeview

Some of you Lakeview lifers might remember Charlie's Delicatessen on Harrison Ave, which was the home of The Moon - ham, turkey, hot roast beef and gravy, cheese, and cole slaw piled on muffuletta bread... it was unreal. But for me, Charlie's always stood out for selling their sandwiches by the whole loaf. I remember going to my buddy's house after baseball practice and thinking that I had found heaven when his mom walked in with both a loaf of roast beef and an oyster loaf.

Charlie's aint dere no more, but you can still get a whole loaf in that very same building thanks to the recent opening of Koz's. The second location of the reincarnation of The Bakery in Gentilly (whose old sign has found a new home inside the Lakeview shop), Koz's is every bit a neighborhood joint. The food is good, but both The Pope and I agreed that Koz's #1 selling point is its value. This place is cheap.

How cheap? Well, if I were one of those people who bought into stereotypes, then I would tell you that Koz's is so cheap that there were 9 police officers eating at various tables when we walked in. But I don't believe in pigeon-holing any particular group of people, so I will just have to quote prices instead.

Here we have the Monday and Saturday special of fried chicken. $7.50 will get you 2 pieces, 2 sides, and french bread, but the best part is that this chicken was fried to order.

Who doesn't love a hot sausage po-boy? Who doesn't love a 12" hot sausage po-boy for $8. And there were 3 full patties of spicy pork goodness on this bad boy.

I was disappointed in myself for not getting the whole loaf, but with bathing suit season in full bloom I thought it would be in my best interest to show some self control. Next time though I'm getting the BBQ ham, which was a specialty at The Bakery and something I have not eaten in probably 10 years.

Koz's in Lakeview - Par.

Edit - We regret forgetting to mention that Koz's other location is in Harahan - hometown of one of our favorite blog characters, Big Brutal Dave, who scrupulously noted our omission in the comments. Even though BBD has moved up in the world by becoming a homeowner in the 70124, the man has not forgotten where he came from.


BBD said...

You'd be remiss to not mention that Koz's also has a location in the lovely metropolis of Harahan, LA- 70123.

Donnie Boy Riguez said...

I've been there twice in the last few weeks and have been unimpressed. The roast beef was average at best and the bread was that dough wal-mart like stuff with no discernible crust. I'm holding out hope for the fried chicken.

Legend said...

What happened to the Touche Cafe?

Peter said...

Like Charlie's, Touche Cafe ain't dere no more.