Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Let's Play Catch Up Around The Bend

Gus, the elder hound, had a birthday recently. He turned 3, but you could probably tell that by the above picture. For his birthday Lindsay made him a carrot cake with peanut butter icing and bacon sprinkles. He loved it. The cake was devoured in 2.3 seconds.

Friday night Lindsay and I headed over to Cochon BUTCHER after work. While driving towards the mecca of meat on Tchoupitoulas, I heard an earth shattering explosion of rap-rock, Incubus-esque, tribal dance music and profanities. Frightened for my life, I glanced to the right only to see Dread Pirate Robert bobbing his head and stroking his flavor saver, while smoking what I think was clove cigarettes. "Wanna race, you hack?" he asked spitting lunch old beer and pork products onto my passenger side car door.

As the light turned green, he sped off and left me in the dust. Luckily he narrowly avoided a troupe of art loving locals. This time, Dread Pirate Robert was able to park easily outside of BUTCHER. We had a few glasses of wine, a charcuterie board, and some not so pleasant conversation; I felt lucky to escape with my wallet.

Saturday night found us with a group in the quarter for something called "the Mardi Gras"? I had never heard of it. After this Krewe with a View parade, we were all hungry. Someone suggested Ruth's due to their $40, 4 course meal. So we went. It was ok, we had to sit outside due to the large crowds and my lack of clout. And the meal was so so. Untossed salad, overcooked steak, and cold mashed potatoes are the predominant memories. Ohh and the waiter snuck a few extra charges onto the bill, which was not very cool. So here is my take on the Ruth's Valentines Day deal: its ok if you want a chain meal, if you want a real Ruth's experience skip it. But we had fun and that made it an enjoyable evening.

Also on Saturday night, I ran into a scion of the Acme Restaurant Group. The next thing I remember, I awoke in an alley missing my shoes and with ACME branded onto my chest. You do the math. Must remember to make more friends...

Now looking ahead for this week. This is from a press release sent by the wonderful people of the Crescent City Farmer's Market.

Wednesday, February 11th, avid market shoppers chef Adolfo Garcia and sous chef Joshua Smith of Rio Mar will host a 5-course dinner featuring seasonal, local products sourced primarily from the Crescent City Farmers Market. The cost is $60 per person, which includes cocktails/wine, tax and gratuity. 100% of the profits will go to the CCFM. Thanks, Rio Mar! Cocktails at 7pm. Dinner at 7:30pm. Space is limited. Please RSVP to 504.525.3474 or riomarseafood@gmail.com.

Yes, I have been writing about the Farmer's Market a lot recently, I know this. But the more we go to the Market, the more we look forward to it. And not in a look "how snooty we are locavore" elitism, but in a "wonder what they will have today" devotion. We portion off about $40-50 a week to spend at the market. This usually gets us a dozen eggs, some patty sausage and other meat products, citri, bread, goat cheese, greens, vegetables, herbs, and a few other treats. Plus, a cup of coffee for me.

I had the opportunity to interview Woody Tasch last week, so be on the lookout for a Blackened Out Worldwide Exclusive Interview (take that, Couric!) with Mr. Tasch next week. His book, Inquiries into the Nature of Slow Money: Investing as if Food, Farms, and Fertility Mattered, focuses on investing in communities and sustainable food processing. Unlike many people often quoted in the locavorism world, Mr. Tasch does not think we need to get rid of places like Wal-Mart and McDonalds. Rather through the gradual increase of capital into local and environmentally sustainable agricultural and ranching, we can transform not only the food we eat but our entire culture. So far its a good read, but I wish I would have paid more attention in my college Econ class.

Ok, tomorrow a recap of the Butcher and Grand Fete opening starring an oyster bar, suckling pigs, and a 6 Liter bottle of hooch. For now its Roast Chicken Night...


Donnie Boy Riguez said...

I had the Ruth's special last week. The salad left a lot to be desired. It was pre-made; the plate was cold when served. I had the creamed spinach and it was pretty good. I found my steak to be perfectly cooked and seasoned. The shrimp on top left a little to be desired. They were a tad rubbery and didn't taste particularly fresh. The dessert was sufficient for me.


Mary Fein said...

Do you go to school?