Friday, February 6, 2009

Lazy Friday

It's been a long week of recovering from Super Bowl Sunday and the grand opening party of Cochon Butcher on Wednesday. More on that next week though.

For now, a picture will have to do. This time of year, there is not many a meal better than a few dozen raw. These come courtesy of Felix's which may fall short in other areas of the menu, but still serves some great oysters. (Photo courtesy of Sister Saint.)


robert said...
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robert said...

Let me try that again:

Sorry I missed *speaking* to you, and Rene. I was, as you know, late to the party.

Sr.St. said...

I was beginning to wonder when that photo would make it's debut. I promise next time I will bring my real camera.

Rene said...

This looks like the Zapruder film of food photographs.

We have got to increase our photo budget. Peter please by a disposable camera.

We need a phone less camera!