Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Presidential Luncheon

W ate lunch at Galatoire’s yesterday with Nagin, Fielkow, and a few others. Blondie's inside sources tell us that the White House contacted Executive Chef Brian Landry on Sunday to inform him that the President would be coming for lunch. Unfortunately for George, he did not dispatch Dick Cheney to wait in line for a downstairs table, so his group had to eat in a private upstairs dining room. Word is that W did not ask for a menu - trusting Chef Landry to serve whatever he thought what was the freshest seafood of the day. So the group dined on lemonfish (DISCLAIMER - Blondie is not 100% certain that lemonfish was the choice) as an entree and hopefully started with pommes souflee, crabmeat maison, and oysters en brochette or rockefeller.

Oh yeah, and I am sure that they talked about some other stuff other than the food...


Rene said...

I wonder who waited on them?

Great article Peter, glad to see that despite your tough law school exams you find time to continue working your full time job.

Anonymous said...

When Peter is done with exams, I hope he contributes more regularly. He is an asset to the blog community with his own unique style that perfectly compliments Rene's. I only wonder how many hours he'll bill out this summer for blog-related research & writing.