Monday, April 14, 2008

A Great Program

If you have Tivo or DVR, I highly recommend setting it to record America The Wright Way: New Orleans. I caught this show tonight, and quite simply, finally this show gets New Orleans. The food, music, art, culture, and livelihood of the Crescent City is explored with the you know what lurking the background. But rather than focus on pity and play blame games, Mr. Wright puts the focus on the recovery and the hopeful, never say die attitude of New Orleanians. The quote of the evening comes from local artist Lionel Milton, "It was a tough pill to swallow, but it didn't change who we are."

One of the best segments of the show shows the interplay between Leah Chase and Mr. Wright. Chef Chase shows her bite, her passion, and her true desire to just feed people. Chef Chase is probably the strongest and most beautiful woman in the world.

The only thing to complain about is the ubiquitous (and they must be mandated) segment(s) on Voodoo. At first I wanted to change the channel, but then I remembered that Voodoo is essentially pervasive in whatever religion you choose to practice in New Orleans, okay maybe just Catholics. Making the sign of the cross when you see a hearse, praying to St. Anthony when you lose something, St. Joseph's altars, etc...In a way each of those rituals has some connection to the Voodoo we so easily deride.

Mr. Wright hits the high spots, as if you were taking your friend from college around town. You will immediately be struck with how much Mr. Wright is enjoying himself. This is not a Chamber of Commerce forced smile at a chili dog contest, Mr. Wright truly enjoys himself and you will enjoy watching this program. Program airs on the Travel Channel. I am sure it will be on replay at some point.

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