Monday, April 28, 2008

Lunch Today...and a great coffee

How bout dem Hornets? And the Saints draft lacked the depression we Who Dats have become accustomed to feeling following draft weekend. Sure, it rained on the first weekend of Jazz Fest but still a great weekend all around. Something about wrapping up a fun weekend makes me think about Za (Pizza, to the uninitiated). Reginelli's opened in 1996 on the corner of State and Magazine, that location is still there but you could also go to the location on Magazine near the Bulldog. Or for the LSU students, try the Reginelli's near the Chimes. And see if Emile is working.

You remember the 90's? Grunge, irrational fears of catching STDs from shaking hands, men wearing vests and not going after their hot female neighbors that lived across the hall for about 6 years, and Barbecue Chicken Pizza? Well, the Smokin Chicken combines caramelized onions,, pancetta, chicken, and green onions with a spicy red sauce to produce a more refined version of the ubiquitous 90's staple.

The El Fresco and Parthenon are variations on a classic white pizza and worth a shot. The Uptowner Sandwich long a favorite of well people from all over offers a guaranteed good order, if you are into that sort of competitive eating. Appetizers, soups, baked pastas round out the selections. Simple, modern decor and good service means you wont waste a lot of time. So you can get back to the office to spend more time on the internet.

Yesterday, went back to La Provence for brunch. Very good way to prepare for a Sunday nap. The coffee they served caught my attention: a Nicaraguan coffee that is very dark, incredibly rich, and with a great touch of bitterness. This coffee is produced by Octavio Mantilla's family and only for the Besh restaurants. Luckily for you, you can buy it at those restaurants. Use a French Press and start starting your days better.

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