Tuesday, April 8, 2008

For Lunch Today...And a great beer

This one will surprise you with its simplicity. Hop on I-10 get off at S. Carrollton and pull into Five Happiness. Five Happiness has probably one of the best lunch specials in town. So for all you who are balancing some wedding/engagement/honeymoon excuses or you are just waiting for your Calcutta check to clear, this is the spot for you. For under $10 you can get a cup of soup (I like the egg drop others enjoy hot and sour or wanton), and a lunch plate.

The General Tso's chicken is the best bet, but others have lauded the praises of Mongolian Beef or Pork in Hot Garlic Sauce. Along with this comes an order of shrimp fried lice and a fried wanton. Many people choose to trade out the wanton for an egg loll and that certainly should gain your attention. And at the end a fortune cookie.

Many people have suggested a beer to me in the last few months and tonight I finally tried it. Estrella de Galicia is a remarkable beer from Spain. A smooth, easy drinking beer with a great bitter finish. I highly recommend it for crawfish boils or just spring time sipping. I hear it is available at Martins and Dorignacs. And please if this was your "special" microbrew you used to impress your friends and I just ruined your cool and tough image, go cry to the kid from college who was first to wear New Balances and a Kavu Visor and listened to a "small, unknown band from Athens, Ga."


Anonymous said...

Five Happiness is the best Chinese food in New Orleans

Anonymous said...

Although Cafe East out in Metairie gives Five Happiness a pretty good run for its money