Friday, April 11, 2008

Lunch Today....

Today feels like a good day to play hookie. I would hop on the Street Car towards Uptown and stop at the first place that looks appealing. First on that list for me would be Zea. The Zea restaurants are owned and operated by the same crew that started Semolina's. I was never a big fan of Semolina's as to me it always reeked of some girl's birthday party that you did not really want to go to, but your high school girlfriend dragged you to. Zea on the other hand offers an exceptional variety of choices for an amazing value. Everyday they have a different rotisserie special served with two sides. Forget choosing the sides get a double order of corn grits. Those morsels smother you with creaminess and pop with crunch.

Or stay on the streetcar ride it to Napoleon, walk down to Casamento's, get the fried oyster sandwich, and then go into Ms. Mae's. If Casamento's is slammed, head into Ignatius Grocery. I recommend the Gumbo and an Abita Strawberry Ale.

Either way you are guaranteed a great lunch.

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