Friday, April 18, 2008

Lunch Today...

With so much going on this weekend. Hornets playoff game, weddings of all sorts and sizes, final weekend of Jazz Fest Training Camp, etc...Today presents a tough choice for where to eat. However one contender emerged from the pack based on 2 unrelated inquiries and 1 fortunate occurrence.

This week two people contacted me about Cochon and what to eat. That got my mind turning about all the good food that awaited me. The exile ended last night around 11:30 and thus, Lady and I are heading to Cochon for lunch. Since we are going to the Cocktail Soiree at Antoine's tonight, I think we will just graze on a few small plates. Or I will eat 7/9ths of a Pig and wash it down with copious amounts of Abita and perhaps a Bayou Beer. You should do the same.

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