Thursday, September 8, 2011

What Dat You Drinking

Sorry WNBA, but football is back and no one cares about your sport again. That's right food fans, the Saints of New Orleans open the NFL Season on the road on the Frozen Margarita Tundra owned by the Packers of Green Bay. The excitement in households across America is palpable as people wake up, rub the sleep from their eyes, and come to the realization that there is an NFL game on tonight and they don't have to watch Real Housewives of Minneapolis. Productivity will drop to near historic lows as offices switch their focus to more important things like whether or not to call their fantasy football team We Must Protect This Winehouse.

So to help you help yourself, we enlisted the help of some alcohol pros, Joe Briand and Jeremy Labadie of Carte des Vins and respectively to tell us what you need to be sipping on tonight. Notice we left cocktails off? That is because you only need to know the name Dark n Stormy, great drink and if you use your imagination it is Black and Gold.  Even if you hate football, I have a feeling after the President's jobs speech we are all going to need a drink.

Beer Buddha LOCAL, LOCAL, LOCAL!!!!

Covington Brewhouse Ponchartrain Pilsner- This refreshing,  german style pilsner is an easy drinking local brew with a nice malty profile and subtle hint of hops.  Available:  Steins Deli, Cork & Bottle, Rouses.

Tin Roof Perfect Ten Amber -  This canned offering from Tin Roof has an nice aggressive maltiness which is perfectly balanced with a grassy hop bitterness.  Available:  Steins Deli, Cork & Bottle

NOLA Brewing Hopitoulas Draft Pack- For those that want a little bite in your brew this IPA is for you!  Hopitoulas has an amazing piney, hop bitterness with hints of grapefruit but is balanced well with a nice, subtle caramel maltiness.  Available:  Cork & Bottle, Rouses, Whole Foods
Joe Briand

Terriero Prosecco $15 – Pronounced Pro-Sack-O on game days.  I never ice down champagne until the game is over but I’ll drink a nice crisp clean Prosecco all game long.  Prosecco is great for fried and fatty game day foods and can cut through the fat of Nachos or anything else “cheesy.”

Etrna Flor Montsant Blanco 2009 $18- This Spanish white is 70% Grenache Blanc and 30% Macabeo.  I recommend this because it is a white with a bit of weight (from the Grenache blanc) as well as great minerality.  I like versatile wines like this because they appeal to both the Chardonnay set as well as the wine geek set.  Great with chicken, pork and can stand up to some spice as well.

I think Cotes du Rhone might be one of the great game day wines.  It is affordable, usually drinks well above its pay grade and has the weight big Cab drinkers like and the soft roundness that Grenache from the Rhone valley delivers in bunches.  If you prefer the bigger more fruit forward style search out a 2007 and if you’re looking for a little more refinement search out one of the newly released 2009s.  I’m recommending 2 different Cotes du Rhones today.

Undrafted rookie budget: Vidal-Fleury Cotes du Rhone 2007 $10

Long Term extension Contract- Saint-Damien Cotes du Rhone “La Bouveau” 2009 $15


Pontchartrain Pete said...

Beer and wine are fine, as they say, but for football there's nothing like getting liquored-up Keith Richards style; guzzling straight whiskey out the bottle of Rebel Yell when the Saints make a TD or sack the enemy QB. Another great tradition born of Tiger Stadium Saturdays and NFL Sundays while "studying" at LSU.

RBPoBoy said...

I put a bunch of 22oz bombers of a Ginger/Honey Double IPA Hop Extravaganza that I brewed about 6 weeks ago in the fridge this morning. I estimate it clocks in around 8.5% ABV.

I get off work at 3 today. Off to Rare Cuts with a $50 gift card I got for my birthday, then home to start chopping for the salad and clean the grill...

Pontchartrain Pete: My wife was an LSU sorority girl (pre-med) and fondly recalls strapping an IV bag full of whiskey to her thigh to smuggle into Death Valley for her dates.

Jeff Abbott said...

Agree on the Cotes du Rhone as a game day wine. Unfortunately I don't think we get any of the recommended beers here in Austin, so we usually drink Abita during the Saints games.

Also, love Dark and Stormys and had never thought of calling one a Black and Gold, but that works!

Pontchartrain Pete said...


Great minds think alike. Our method of choice for smuggling booze into Tiger Stadium was zip-lock baggies stuffed into our dates' cleavage.