Thursday, September 1, 2011

Banana Blossom

Thai usually runs a distant 4th behind Chinese, Japanese and Vietnamese as the most popular Far East cuisine in the New Orleans area. But in our September review for OffBeat, we profile a restaurant which has the potential to propel Bourbon Noodles to the prominence that it deserves.

The surprisingly short journey down Belle Chasse Hwy leads to a non-descript strip mall with a sign that only announces "THAI". You will not find the stars of "Most Eligible Dallas" hanging out in Banana Blossom. The location and ambience do not provide a conducive setting for your standard Friday dinner date with three women. (Then again, your faithful bloggers are not the formative authority on that subject.)

But the food is excellent and affordable. Start with the roti, a griddled flatbread served with a thin red curry sauce for dippping, and the fried baby back ribs dunked in the accompanying vinegary chili sauce. You can rationalize your previous courses by finishing with the mixed veggie and tofu Bourbon Noodle, the texture of which is so light and delicate that it reminds me of the stracci pasta at Domenica. Vegetarianism never tasted so good.

Banana Blossom - Birdie
2112 Belle Chasse Hwy, Suite 10
(504) 392-7530
Lunch & Dinner: Mon-Sat


Anonymous said...

do they have larb gai, or yum nuea?

Rene said...

Am fairly certain I've seen larb gai on the menu or as a special.