Friday, August 21, 2009

Rick's Sporting Saloon

Warning: Today's post features graphic male centric-material and as such is not suited to anyone who did not have to be forced to watch Failure to Launch. Sorry, Legend, come back tomorrow.

A few weeks ago we got the blood in your veins pulsing with thoughts of cold weather, football, and pork. Well today lets see if we can up the ante by talking about football, beer, and babes.

We never set out to act like real journalists with this blog, but it seems that some people take us seriously. So a few months ago, on behalf of you, dear reader, I trudged over to Bourbon Street one Wednesday afternoon for a sneak peak at Rick's Sporting Saloon. Located where the legs used to sway (and will once again shortly), this is a new kind of sports bar. Finally a sports bar that says, "Yes men, you can have it all. Big screen TV's, comfortable chairs, bar food, cold draft beer, and naked women."

A sports bar to fill the void in those awkward pre-dusk hours during a bachelor party weekend in New Orleans. You know the ones when you wake up in the balcony suite at the Royal Sonesta and rifle through your pockets only to find 13 free admission cards from Barely Legal, a $134 bar tab from The Famous Door, and a hole where your cell phone was. So you spend the rest of the morning not making eye contact with your fellow partygoers. Finally the fat kid who was friends with the groom in high school asks, "Hey anyone wanna go watch the Georgia/Florida Game?" Only you are on Bourbon street and the only option is strip clubs or places with drinks named after weapons. Well, now you can go to Rick's Sporting Saloon, sling back a few Lazy Magnolia's, scarf down some wings, and pretend you are there just for college football.

A sports bar for your Fantasy Football league. The one that started out as so much fun - when you would get together, get drunk, bust chops, make dumb decisions like selecting Peyton Manning's backup in the 5th Round, and high technology was a bong and a dog-eared copy of Fantasy Football 2004. But now people show up with laptops, flow charts, and iPhones that Steve Jobs cant get. Well, this year schedule your draft party in one of the upstairs VIP rooms at Rick's. With their richly appointed leather chairs, selection of cigars and fine liqours, and gentleman's club atmosphere, those nerds you are friends with may just realize the true meaning of the word "fantasy. "
Walking around Rick's Sporting Saloon felt different than other strip clubs. For one, it is clean. Secondly, it isn't dark nor cramped. The place is handsome on the inside with brick walls, exposed wood beams, and a few trophy bucks mounted on the wall. Large, flat plasma screens display as many sports as you have time to watch. I can imagine the fun in there on a really big football weekend. Admit it, you want to check it out. So do so.

Back to non-gender specific writing tomorrow.


CEM said...

I like how zebra skin covered bowling alley chairs = "handsome."

Good thing this isn't an interior design blog.

Anonymous said...

Very friendly staff, cute girls, clean restroom, good food and cheap draft beer. nice club. except the interior design (back in 80's).