Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Korea House

Are you one of those people who measures the value of a meal by the number of plates on the table? Do you sometimes find yourself longing to visit the foodie and cultural wonderland that is Fat City? When you sleep, do you dream of pickled vegetables instead of sugar plum fairies?

If you have answered (or thought about answering) "yes" to one of the above questions, then Korea House should most definitely be on your radar. Just remember that if you are craving pork belly, the minimum order is for 2 people, so you must also have a willing companion in tow. Or be bold and tell the waitress that you will be sharing the pork belly with yourself, and thus she need not bring a sharing plate nor an extra set of chopsticks.

Fat City gets a bad rap, but it may just have one of the best collections of ethnic and different restaurants in a 4 block stretch. There is Drago's, Korea House, the beloved Kanno, Taco San Miguel, a few Italian joints, and of course Crazy Johnny's.

The decor at Korea House has a touch of thrift shop elegance, and the food is at times remarkable. Like the spicy beef soup - the perfect cure for a cold with its rust colored and vegetable chunked broth, this is not a tame soup. There is a little hibachi grill set up in the middle of the table, but in order to use it you have to have two or more people. So grab some friends and order the pork and beef. Thin slices of both arrive awash in a zesty marinade. You grill, fold into lettuce leaves, top with Kimchi, devour, and wash it down with a cold Hite. Lather, rinse, and repeat.

So what is your favorite Fat City Haunt? And please, The Other Bar closed years ago.


Donnie Boy Riguez said...

Prominent establishments, past and present: Mike's Place, Cheers, Ski Lodge, Uncle Larry's, and the immortal Kenny's Key West. Who would bother dining in Fat City when one can go to Mike's Place and enjoy nickel draft on Tuesday nights?

Celeste said...

Outside of Fat City proper, but worth including is Kosher Cajun (Severn, near West Es). I'll have a pastrami with brown mustard on onion roll with a side of sweet potato chips, please.

flojindamesa said...

After a cherry-poppin' visit to Kanno this weekend, I'm deeming Fat City a foodie meccca. Ya heard me right.

Frolic said...

I just wish Korea House had a wider range of panchan.

Dallas severely sucks, but in the months I spent there after Katrina the Korean enclave was a highlight.

Rene said...

What someone needs to do is create a map of America, which shows the best places to get certain Ethnic foods. Or maybe more generally the areas of influence of most immigrants to this country.


Shelly said...

Don't make me choose! I love Drago's, Korea House and Crazy Johnny's! (I still need to visit Kanno though.)
Great post. :)