Thursday, August 20, 2009

Kitchen Confidential & Blackened Out Trivia

While on an extended drive, nothing helps pass the time faster than a book on tape. During last month's jaunt to Tennessee and North Carolina, The Folk Singer and I listened to the audio version of Kitchen Confidential, Anthony Bourdain's behind-the-scenes expose of the culinary world. The book had me concentrating on the storyline more than the road ahead of me - not necessarily a safe thing but it gives you an idea of how much I enjoyed it. Bourdain takes you through his youthful summers in France, culinary school at the CIA, and his seemingly never ending job postings in the kitchen. His personal anecdotes are humorous and entertaining, but he also offers insight into the nuts and bolts of working in a kitchen, as well as some practical advice for us wannabes.

And I almost forgot the best part: Bourdain himself narrates the book. Thus, the audio version takes on a more conversational feel than the print version; a touch which adds a certain something which draws the listener in even more.

Exactly how many times can you read/listen to the same book? Well, in this case for me it was twice in 8 days, but usually the answer is only once. So, our dear readers, we have decided to share the wealth and offer you a chance to listen to Bourdain tell tales of the underbelly of the food world. It's perfect for that upcoming Labor Day drive to the Flora-Bama. (NOTE: Bourdain loves dropping the f-bomb, and there are one or two sexually explicit tales, so this one might not be for the kiddies.)

In this inaugural edition of Blackened Out Trivia, the winner will receive the above slightly used audio copy of Kitchen Confidential which will then be autographed by The Pope. The first person to email the correct answers to all of the below questions will be the winner. If you have a pseudonym on this blog, then if you win, we will send the prize to a person of your choosing. OK, here we go:
  1. What libation is commonly referred to by The Pope as "holy water"?
  2. Its 4 am. The Pope has decided to go home from the Red Eye, but not before stopping where, for what?
  3. What menu did The Folk Singer order at The French Laundry?
  4. On the night that Blackened Out was born, in what restaurant did Legend knock over an entire tray of waters and affectionately pinch a waitress's derriere?
  5. What is the maximum number of Ojens a person should consume per 24 hour period?
  6. What local pie maker once chaperoned Legend on one fateful night during Spring Break?
  7. What is the Dread Pirate's favorite place to eat sushi?
There they are. 7 questions; 7 answers. Email your answers to blackenedout at gmail dot com. This is better than winning Powerball.


robert said...

"Might not be for the kiddies?" Louapre you degenerate, if I didn't know your fiance to be a woman of high character, I'd fear for your progeny.

Rene said...

Dread Pirate Robert,
Perhaps you should note who wrote the article before hurling accusations of such a defamatory nature.

You have besmirched my honor, I challenge thee to a Duel.

Anonymous said...

Peter- get off the computer and enjoy PORTUGAL!