Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Julia & Simon

Blogger's Note: As you may already be aware, Blackened Out is at the tail end of a 2 week vacation. The sporadic blogging is not the product of sheer laziness, I assure you. Rene is enjoying some much needed rest at an undisclosed location in the Caribbean, while I am recovering from the Bar exam (and possibly recharging my batteries for another go at it). We'll be back next week though, so get ready for a barrage of new reports on the food from our favorite city in the world. But until then, a few links for you to enjoy...

Here is an interesting read on the life of Julia Child from the August issue of Vanity Fair. What an amazing life: from O.S.S. agent to mastering the art of French cooking. The other day I was watching an old episode of The French Chef and marveled at how effortlessly she produced the perfect omelette with only the movement of her wrist. I'm hoping to read My Life in France in the coming weeks, so expect a full book report soon.

From the New York Times Magazine, an interesting look on how far we have come (or fallen) since Julia graced our television screens. Cliffs Notes version: Top Chef and Chopped are not necessarily good things.

Finally, from the Gambit, the story of the history and perseverance of that lovable icon of New Orleans: the Hubig's Pie. Somehow the author forgot to include how Hubig's general manager Drew Ramsey once chaperoned Legend for a night during Spring Break '99. (Perhaps the statute of limitations has yet to run. I don't know - I'm not up to speed on Florida law). And in honor of Savory Simon, please vote in our poll for your favorite Hubig's Pie flavor.

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