Monday, August 31, 2009

Dueling Burgers

Recently I played third wheel with The Pope and Battle House Honey for lunch at Phil's Grill. This burger spot has some sentimental value for La Papa because last year he took his mother, Mary Magdalene, to Phil's for her birthday dinner. What a loving son.

Located in the former Old Henry's on Severn, Phil's has an identical feel to Chili's. The menu includes a list of original burger concoctions, but the hook here is the build-your-own-burger option. Inside the menu is a checklist whereby you choose your bun, meat, cheese, toppings, sauces and accompanying side. It's a good burger, but not something that I would drive across town for. Perhaps I am biased though, because hamburgers as a genre don't exactly do it for me.

At the end of a meal, do you ever go around the table and decide who ordered the best? Course by course, analyzing who emerged as the master of the menu on that particular occasion? I do it all the time. In my humble opinion, I possess a keen ability to peruse a menu and pinpoint what that restaurant does best. I could be full of sh*t though.

Anyway, The Pope and I were arguing over who built the better burger at Phil's, and we decided that the only fair way to determine a winner was to let the people vote. Here are the candidates.

The Pope - 100% black angus beef, cooked medium, on Texas toast. Toppings: sauteed onions, maple-peppercorn bacon, and cheddar cheese. Paired with thinly sliced onion rings (a la Charlie's Steakhouse).

The Peter - Phil's own hot sausage blend, cooked medium, on a jalapeno bun. Toppings: shredded lettuce, tomato, sauteed onions, monterey jack cheese and creole ailoli. Side of potato salad.

So, dear readers, the choice is yours as to who built the better burger. As a courtesy, you may vote none of the above.

Phil's Grill - Par.


bloggle said...

I built "The Pope" yesterday, with added spicy sour cream. Still paying for it. Great concept . . . .wayyyyy too greasy.

Sam said...

Have to go with The Pope. I get that every time (minus bacon but add creole aioli) And onion strings on the side. Don't forget the fried picle appetizer

Ellewoodsc said...

I am going to keep it in the church with this one. I vote for the Pope.

I mean Texas toast for a can you not love that?

Rene said...

Peter, it may have been better for you to name your burger the St. Peter so as to avoid losing votes solely on the basis of religious piety.

section123 said...

Although I think the Pope's looks more delicious, one should not have to use a fork and knife to eat a burger. Peter gets the nod for building an actual burger

MaryMagdalene said...

I am staying out of the great burger debate; however, what the author failed to mention was the quality of the OUTSTANDING ONION RINGS.. my personal favorite.