Friday, April 17, 2009

Weekend Loaded With Events

First there is French Quarter Fest. The locals' Jazz Fest, this festival combines many of your favorite things about New Orleans: food, booze, music, the French, and quarters - all at a price up to 100% less than Jazz Fest.

Although the price is free, Blackened Out is selling limited edition tickets to this year's French Quarter Fest. For $25 you get access to all stages and front of line skippage privileges at all food booths. For an extra $25, you can reserve your ticket to next year's Mardi Gras.

See? We love a deal here.

Also, there is the 6th Annual Bayou Basset Boogie at Audubon Park on Sunday. So if you like slow, lazy hound dogs waddling around a picturesque park, then this party is for you. I hear Donnie Boy Riguez will be there with his new hound, Ms. Daisy de la Hoya.

Alas, Lindsay and I will be unable to make either event as we are heading to Austin City Limits for the wedding of our PR Director and Social Chair. So Austin, a city I have never been to, prepare to be boarded. Peter has told me something about a mechanical bull, all-you-can-eat barbecue, and a gallon of margaritas. It sounds like fun. If you live in/lived in/frequently visit/ have visited/are named Austin and read this crap, leave a comment and tell me where to go.


Anonymous said...

y'all are sneaky rascals! a friend's brother got in trouble once for selling tourists tickets to mardi gras. he did make a profit, though.

austin is an AMAZING city. allot a half hour to spend in the flagship whole foods. enjoy!

MalGershen said...

You should check out Juan in a Million for a delicious Mexican breakfast. The Travel Channel covered it on Man v. Food. The Don Juan is amazing.

Anonymous said...

Torchy's Tacos. Also there is an outdoor bar with lots of trees somewhere near downtown. I can't remember the name. It is not on 6th st. but I think it is on some other main thruway. It is not a numbered street. Anyway, best margarita I've ever had.