Tuesday, April 28, 2009

A Photo Essay of a Weekend

Jazz Fest on Friday beget dinner at Cafe Degas which in turn birthed a round or three at Clever. The rest of the weekend was spent cleaning, cooking, and hoping the Saints would draft a punter!
The mascot for Hogs for the Cause 2K+10.
Some beautiful purchases from the Farmer's Market, carrots and Swiss Chard. The carrots turned into a chilled orange, ginger and carrot soup. To make saute diced carrots in a soup pan with some grated ginger, salt, pepper, and red pepper flake. After a few minutes, squeeze an orange in and cover with water. Cook until tender. Puree. Chill. Serve.
These are some peeled and blanched fava beans. I liked them better earlier in the season when they were small, bittersweet nuggets. Although these were not bad in a risotto. On Sunday, a pot roast simmered gently on the stove as we waited for the Saints to draft. Here it is after I seared the chuck roast.

Then into the pan went a combination of leeks, onion, garlic, celery and tomatoes. That mingles for a few minutes and then some red wine and stock gets added. Lid half on for 8 hours. And then...

Pot roast on top of sauteed Swiss Chard. Strain pan juices and reduce. The Swiss Chard could have been better.

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robert said...

That first picture of the lady with the pig-head has me profoundly confused.