Monday, April 20, 2009

The Bistro

Galatoire's Bistro, that is. I know, I know. "If I can't go to the original, then I don't want to go at all." But neither The Folk Singer nor I had ever been before, so we decided to give it a shot. (Plus ever since the infamous "Deep Fried" episode, I'm not sure if Rene and I will ever be allowed back on Bourbon Street.) The food was good. Very good. The experience, nowhere near the same but not bad in anyway. However, when making reservations I would suggest requesting a table in the main dining room, as the auxiliary one has the feeling of Siberia, i.e. upstairs at the original.

Our meal consisted of the classics, but I wish that I would have tried some of the new dishes such as the Duck Crepe or Beef Tip Shepherd's Pie. Maybe next time. We started with the above basket of soufflé potatoes with bearnaise. (Actually, we had two orders. But who's counting, right?) The bearnaise was heavenly thick and delicious.
TFS started with the Gouté of luscious crabmeat maison and a sharp shrimp remoulade. Both of the seafoods tasted fresh - with neither cold appetizer having the stagnant flavor of which they sometimes suffer from.

Galatoire's Oysters Rockefeller have always been my favorite out of all the Grand Dames. There is just enough sauce on top to protect the oysters from overcooking under the intense heat but not overwhelm the flavor. You just know that hidden under that layer of green goodness is a plump oyster just waiting to be devoured.

For entrees I had Trout Yvonne and TFS had Filet Bearnaise (yes, more bearnaise). Unfortunately none of the pictures came out because the lighting was too low and I don't carry around a pocket-sized lighting rig like some people. However I did get a shot of the dessert special.

Profiteroles with vanilla and mint ice creams. I thought that the pastry was a little stale, but the ice creams were delicious.

Galatoire's Bistro - Birdie.


Anonymous said...

If only oyster's rock photographed as gorgeous as they taste.

Peter said...


Rene said...

We went to Galatoire's on Easter Sunday. We were not denied admission, but the boss man was not there.

So for now, we are safe.