Monday, April 27, 2009

Attention Readers

Last week's guest blogger drew critical praise from around the globe. "This is the best article you guys have never written," wrote anonymous from Falls Church.

"The quality of punctuation has never been higher," said Kevin from Kalamazoo.

"I used to hate blackened out, now I can't get enough," said Billy Mays.

Ok, here is the deal. Peter is going to be studying for the Louisiana State Bar Exam this summer. Kudos to Peter. Despite my warnings to him that this test is not to be taken seriously, he has decided to really get serious this time about a test. Peter is staying in Baton Rouge throughout the summer and will not return to New Orleans until August.

I can only write one good article and two or three pieces of junk of a week. We like to have a different article M-F. So, we are turning Thursdays over to you dear readers. Ever wondered what it would be like to write for a hobby? Well here is your chance.

It can be about anything tangentially related to food: restaurants, booze, recipes, experiences with food poisoning, gardening, or composting. It does not matter. Just send us your story (by email to blackenedout at gmail dot com), let us know if you want to be anonymous, get a cool nickname, or go by your Confirmation name.

Whichever post guest post gets the most hits, wins a free meal with Peter, Rene, and the bloglebrity of their choice.

Thanks for the help.

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