Wednesday, July 20, 2011


Rene: A very smooth, well balanced white wine similar to a white burgundy, but different. I get some very slight oak, which makes the wine seem heavier in the mouth. I get a touch of stone fruit- apricots mainly. Nothing overbearing though. Something makes me want veal with mushrooms. Maybe veal marsala or alfredo from a place like Vincent's. Or the porcini crusted veal tenderloin at Stella! could work very well here.

Peter: The first two words that come to mind are straw and spice. Flat on the tongue. Not overly oaky, but it tastes of high alcohol. Need a dish with substance to hold up as a pairing. A nice roasted chicken would do - Mondo does a good one. Or a filet of sauteed snapper, skin on, from Cafe Atchafalaya.

Joe the Wine Guy: What you have here is a 2006 Newton Unfiltered Chardonnay. In the glass, the wine has an inviting dark straw hue and then opens with rich creme caramel, butterscotch, and fresh vanilla bean aromas later revealing baked apple and nutty characters. Flavors of white peach and caramel with a touch of honey lead to a lingering creamy finish. Lobster bisque would be perfect or poached fish or even pasta with a cream sauce. This wine is available at Antoine's and Ruth's Chris and retails for $49.99.


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Anonymous said...

Overpriced Napa Chard...move on nothing to see here.

Rene said...


We dont pick the wines, just drink them. If you have what you consider better wines, we will be happy to taste them.


willifred said...

Point taken about the wines being supplied, not chosen...but...I agree that I could get a chard from multiple countries for less money that I would prefer over this wine. These days American wines (with a few exceptions) are well down my list as far as where I put my money. Let's face it, unless you are loaded, you can only afford so much, and it's a big world out there.

Rene said...

These are all very good points and points that I in general agree with. White burgundy is my preference with chardonnay grape, but I will add that, price aside, this wine did drink like a white burgundy in some ways.

Again, when we taste the wines we have no idea what they are or there price points.