Thursday, July 14, 2011

Le 14 Julliet

Yesterday, the French were our sworn enemy on the pitch. But today, in the face of the US moving onto the World Cup Final, we celebrate our fallen adversary's national holiday. If not for Abby Wambach, we might have to pass on the Bastille Day festivities this year.

New Orleans has always embraced our French heritage, and what better way to pay tribute to the founders of our city than to eat and drink as if you were transported to a quaint restaurant in the Marais, on the docks of Brittany, at a bouchon in Lyon, or on the coast of Provence.

Whether you are inclined for a bubbling plate of escargots or a simple crepe, there is a range of delicious possibilities to satisfy your Gallic hunger. Cafe Degas, Crepe Nanou, and La Provence all come to mind, but if I were dining out today, my first choice would be Chateau du Lac, that underrated bistro on Metairie Road. Sirloin sandwich for the win.

Or you could opt for a replication of what was one of my favorite meals during my summer in France - an impromptu picnic in the Jardin de Luxembourg after a walk through one of the local markets. No reservations required.  All you need is a few wedges of cheese from St. James, a baguette from La Boulangerie or Maple Street Patisserie, maybe a pint or two of olives, a bottle of burgundy, and a couple of dixie cups.

Viva La France.

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