Friday, July 22, 2011

Bon Voyage

Ahhh, late July. A time of such sweet indulgences: snowballs, late night house rolling excursions to Robert Peyton's house, and swimming with beer. These rites of summer also include perhaps your favorite. That is right, Blackened Out is going on vacation for the next 8-10 days ish. During this time, we will both recharge our batteries and focus on our other hobbies. For Rene, that means it is time to get serious about betting on Little League Baseball. Peter, on the other hand, will spend his time updating his collection of 18th century pottery.

Ohh don't worry we are coming back better than ever. Ok, probably pretty much the same. We leave you with a few nods towards our work in Offbeat. Here is Rene's story on home cocktail bars and the people who craft them. This month we also took a look at Twelve Mile Limit, a great cocktail focused bar that thankfully leaves the pretension out to sea. 

Finally, we want to congratulate our trivia contest winner Code Name: McGlone, who narrowly edged out a win over Kyle Gordon in the Black LS with the Navigation. The difference between the two came down to Code Name: McGlone successfully naming Mr. John's as the location of the bar in the photo. Ohh, and the original bar that was in the Absinthe Room is now just a few meters away in Tony Morans. Check it out, it is a gorgeous bar.

Well, that is it for us. The Texas Regional is about to start and there is pottery to restore. See ya soon. We love you. In a totally not creepy way. Well, maybe a little creepy. But good creepy. 

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Code Name said...

Pahahahahaaaaa! Just saw this. Thanks again guys! It was awesome!