Friday, July 15, 2011

Tales of the Cocktail Plus Trivia

Next week, cocktails will be the toast of the town (You kidding me, of course the pun was intended). The explosive growth of Tales of the Cocktail has been quite remarkable as each year whatever slight hiccups from the year before have been scrubbed clean with bartender's friend. In fact, Tales of the Cocktail is solidly in my top 3 favorite times of the year in New Orleans.

Every summer as a sign of our largess to our faithful readers we like to give something away before going on vacation for a few weeks. We usually wrap this up in a contest. Said contest's results are usually subject to much scrutiny and cries of foul play. This year we are returning to an old favorite: trivia. This year the winner (whoever gets most correct or if tie coin flip) of our trivia contest will receive two VIP tickets to Meet the Craft Distillers. Email your responses to blackenedout; we use gmail or leave in comments section. Here we go:

1) Above is a photo of a bar. Which bar is it?

2) The original bar that stood inside the Absinthe Room (now called the Old Absinthe House Bar) is now located where?

3) What according to H.L. Mencken is the only American invention to rival the Sonnet?

4) Name the cocktail: Gin, lemon juice, maraschino, and creme de violette.

5) Omitting what ingredient changes a Salty Dog into a Greyhound?

6) Define the term: Straight Up, Neat, and On the Rocks

7) Just what the hell is Mezcal?

8) What came first the Rum Runner or the Bootlegger?

9) What is the name of the bar that Brian Flanagan opens?

10) Which New Orleans bar invented the Flaming Dr. Pepper?

Bonus Question courtesy of Cheryl Charming, bartender at The Bombay Club

After dying at sea, how was Admiral Nelson's body preserved for the long boat ride back to England?


Loup Garou said...

Is this a trivia contest or the Bar Exam, npi.

Rene said...

Trust me, this is much harder than the bar exam. If it was the bar exam, I'd just recycle questions from previous years.

Meghan said...

So you want serious answers???? That's tough.

Anonymous said...

So I've got a few - I think - but what bar is this? I'm kicking myself. Damn Tulane, left me with trivia knowledge and no memory of what a place looks like.

2) Mango Mango

3) Sazerac

4) Aviation

5) salt

6) Shaken and strained - no ice, no no chill, no nothing - on ice

10) Gold Mine

Rene said...

Typical Tulane Grad,

Don't answer half the test and what you do answer, get a third wrong, and still graduate.

Anonymous said...

The curve always helped.

kf said...

Love the aviation, but what to do with the full bottle of maraschino and violette? Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction?

Etoile said...

Arnauds French 75 Bar ???

Jason Strada said...

What's the deal, are y'all going to announce a winner

Rene said...


The prize was won by a reader code named McGlone. She was the only person to correctly guess the bar, as well.

It is the bar at Mr. John's. Full report coming Friday.