Wednesday, July 6, 2011


Rene - This wine needs to settler down a bit before consumption. Intense fruit and alcohol leaps out of the glass. Spice and wood aromas dominate on the nose, but on the palate it is rich and smooth with dark fruit flavors like plum and cherry. High alcohol and oak means this requires a dish with heft. How about the braised pork cheek with grit cake at Cochon or a plate of red beans from Willie Mae's.

Peter - Not much fruit in the bouquet of this wine, but your nostrils open up with every inhale. Take a sip and there it is - a good sense of heft in the mouth with a scaled-back sour cherry flavor. The finish is not necessarily spicy, but there is definitely a mild burn going down. This puppy would pair well with Commander's Veal Tchoupitoulas with the green peppercorn demi.

Joe the Wine Guy - The 2008 Pinot Meunier from Domaine Chandon has rich, vibrant aromas of lavender, plum, and white pepper escaping from the glass. Luscious flavors of cherries, red plums and strawberries are immediately evident while inherent earthiness and brown spice characteristics develop in the finish. This medium-bodies and flavorful wine is a great match for grilled meats including veal and pork. This wine retails for $29.99 and is available at Galatoire's and GW Fins.

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Wine. Yum. :)