Friday, February 11, 2011

Lovertime and the Living's Easy

Congratulations to Caroline "Can't Fight the" Stivers for taking home first place in the 2011 Valentine's Day Mad Libs Mad Dash for Cash Equivalents in the form of Chocolates and Other Sweets. And kudos  to our second place finisher Joe "Burg Burg Juice" Briand who took us on a magical journey to the Jersey Shore to find true love. We had a tie for third place between Kevin Allman and Talamo which means we need to look at head to head.

Allman starts out real strong with "horned up amuse bouches" and a nod to Fat Harry's. The juxtaposition of battery and vibrate however caused many a single women to exclaim, "Men! Who needs em?" Which lost him crucial votes in the apathy portion of our readers. He ends well with a great remark concerning the last Mrs. Al Copeland.

Talamo played to Rene's vanity and it worked. (Although the entry which included Rene's cousin Emile receives major big ups.) Fiery buttocks is always funny no matter who you are. The phrase a stanky bouquet of pool balls might have won it for Talamo if not for the obvious secretive reference to the Simpsons ("The Box Factory"). Giving a Grammy to Buzz Aldrin saved Talamo's entry from a fiery re-entry (get it?) after the horrendous hilarious pillows line. 

And the Third Place winner is: Kevin Talamo because a mash up of your two entries would have been amazing. Because of the tie, Kevin will receive the gift certificate and he will send the chocolates to Talamo. This seems fair to these King Solomons.

Thanks again everybody for playing and to Sucre for sponsoring such silly sweetness (get it? Damn we are on). If you won kindly email us today, so we can tell you how to claim your prize which you need to do this weekend. Peter is running some sort of running thing on Sunday.  Rene once read about a guy named Pheidippides and what happened to him when he ran.

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