Thursday, February 17, 2011

A Camellia in the Quarter

Remember when the new owners of Camellia Grill announced their plans to open satellite locations in Destin and Baton Rouge? I for one recall an overwhelming sense of fear that the expansion would result in the loss of the "Naturally N'Awlins" feel to one of our beloved local institutions. But those two particular locations the Baton Rouge iteration never came to fruition [and the Destin location has since closed]. Instead, a Camellia Grill blossomed in the French Quarter.

This past Sunday was my first visit to the new outpost of NOLA's favorite diner, and I must say that had the windows been blocked from the view onto Chartres, you could have fooled me into thinking that we were under the oaks next to the streetcar line. The waiters banter back and forth with both the cooks and customers, though Sleepy was nowhere to be found. Even the path to the restroom is a winding one, though instead of passing through the back kitchen on Carrollton Avenue, you wander through a centuries old courtyard.

Many of us have our standard orders at Camellia Grill, whether that be a cheeseburger, omelet, or waffle. (Or depending on how much you imbibed the night before - cheeseburger, omelet, AND waffle.) Likewise for me, I've had trouble deviating from the same order since the days when I used to slip $20 to the bouncer at The Boot for a wristband.

The Manhattan Omelet - corned beef, onions, swiss cheese, and french fries. It may not look like the work of Julia Child, but trust me: This is the breakfast which has laid many a hangover to rest. And this particular omelet served last weekend was one of the best that I've eaten from Camellia Grill in quite some time. Underneath that tan exterior was a light/fluffy/creamy matrix of melted cheese, salty nibbles of corned beef, and crispy fries. It was like Sunday morning after 50 Cent Night all over again.

Camellia Grill (French Quarter) - Par/Birdie
540 Chartres Street
Sun-Thurs 7am-1am; Fri & Sat till 3am.
those two particular satellite locations
those two particular satellite locations


Anonymous said...

Actually, they definitely opened one in Destin, at Harborwalk on the Fort Walton end of town. It's apparently pretty good.

Anonymous said...

50 cent night preceding a SUNDAY? I don't believe it.

Peter said...

Anon #1,

You are correct: the Destin outpost did open, but I believe that it has since closed. I have made the correction. Thanks for keeping us in check.

Anon #2,

Believe it or not, during the summers of 1999 and 2000, 50 Cent Night was held on Tuesday, Friday, AND Saturday nights. It was glorious.

Anonymous said...

Word Special FTW.