Wednesday, February 2, 2011

It's Been Such a Long Time

In this month's issue of OffBeat Magazine, we profile Kanno, one of our favorite sushi spots that we have not written about in quite some time. While Kanno serves everyone's favorite crunchy, dynamite, and spicy tuna selections, the best eating comes from either those specials scribbled across the chalkboard signs or the yet-to-be-created dishes forming inside Chef Hide Suzuki's head.

So instead of a salad iceberg tossed with the typical carrot and ginger dressing, you are presented with a plate of fresh spinach leaves topped with tuna, salmon, and roe drizzled with a balsamic vinaigrette. Sweet fruits like pear and kiwi are paired expertly in savory selections. Such is the curious dichotomy in Chef Hide's creations.

As for those selections on the chalkboards, these usually feature the freshest fish that Chef Hide could find. So you may dine on delicacies such as abalone sashimi or smoked salmon neck (above).  Now that is good eating.

Kanno - Birdie

3205 Edenborn Ave
Dinner Tues-Sat


Peter said...

LOVE Kanno - by far the most imaginative place around. Worthy of eagle rather than a birdie, IMHO.

Andrew said...

Best sushi in town. Wasabi softshell crab miso is worth going for all by itself.