Wednesday, June 9, 2010


Last week, Peter and I were invited by the fine folks at Dickie Brennan's Bourbon House to serve as judges for a blind wine and oyster pairing contest. The winner between both the public tasters and the judges? An Anne Amie Vineyards Cuvee A Amrita with a slight fizz and some lively citrus flavors. Peter picked that one, whereas I liked the minerality of the Muscadet. Proving once again that wine is solely a matter of personal taste. Well, unless you are the Dread Pirate Robert whose favorite wine for oysters is Mad Dog 20/20's Rappin Raspberry.

Poppy Tooker also served as an esteemed member of the judiciary that day. And she had some huge news to share. Beginning tonight at 6:30, Poppy debuts her new radio show "Louisiana Eats" on NPR (WWNO 89.9 FM), which will also replay on Saturday at noon. The half-hour weekly show will cover the Louisiana food scene. Check it out, radio heads.

Bloggle has become a very good friend but we can't help but be excited for the release of his first foray into wine making with 2008 C&B Selections "There's No Place Like Home" Syrah. Bloggle and winemaker, Paul Hoffman, (pictured below) created a Syrah that balances the power and finesse of the Rhone with the fruit of Sonoma. Inspired by Macy Gray, Bloggle has been wandering around town wearing a dress that says "My Wine Drops on June 10th" for about a week.

We had an opportunity to taste the wine last night, and Hoffman and Bloggle (which sounds like a trippy, acoustic college rock duo) have hit it out of the park. Dark in the glass, with a savory aroma of smoky bacon and pepper, the wine finishes smooth and cool coming in at just under 15% alcohol. The price is $24.99 a bottle; $20 a bottle when you buy a case or more. Head over to Cork & Bottle tomorrow afternoon and pick you up a bottle of wine or two. And while you are there, give Bloggle a hug or a kick in the groin. Your choice.

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That is not Jon practicing yoga, its him just being white.