Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Gott Lunch?

After a popular debut in October 2008, Gott Gourmet Cafe has quietly moved into its sophomore year as the casual eatery that everyone seems to like but no one is talking about. The cafe on the corner of Magazine and 8th has an interesting menu filled with things like ancho-honey slaw, blue corn flour crusted oysters, and chipotle cream cheese. Very Bobby Flayish, in my opinion.

Most hunger stricken diners zero in on the St. Patty's Day Massacre immediately. This "classic Reuben with a twist" has corned beef, swiss, horseradish cheddar, french fries, slaw, 1000 island and creole mustard on pumpernickel. Lots of flavors going on there, perhaps a bit too many, but I can't say that I dislike the sandwich. The fries are handcut (A for effort), but whether incorporated in the sandwich or served on the side, my order never comes out hot and crispy (C for execution).

The cochon de lait cuban is not a bad choice, with juicy shreds of braised pork matched with Dr. Pepper glazed ham. My only suggestion is to ask the kitchen to put the slaw on the side, as it is an unnecessary addition which can make things messy. If you want to feel good about ordering healthy but don't necessarily care about the calorie count of your dish, look no further than the Gott Salad. Greens and seasonal berries (blueberries right now) serve as the foundation for panko crusted fried brie and candied pecans. The Chicago style hot dog is the city's only worthwhile replica of that Windy City icon.

Gott Gourmet Cafe - Par

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