Monday, June 21, 2010

Open on Sunday

For many, Sunday dinner is the one meal where families take the time to gather together. The notion connotes images of mom stirring a pot of bubbling red gravy in the kitchen, the boys watching the final round of the US Open in the den, and the dog patiently waiting for a fortuitous drop from the table.

But what about when you just don't feel like cooking? If your weekends runeth over with weddings, baseball games, and (gasp) work, who's to blame you for wanting to stay away from the stove and the sink on Sunday evening? While judging at Po-Boy Fest this past year, I had the honor of sitting next to Mrs. Klara Cvitanovich, owner of Drago's. Mrs. Klara told me that nearly every Sunday her family gathers together for dinner, but they let Vincent's or Venezia do the cooking.

One problem: A lot of restaurants are closed on Sunday. I can't tell you how many times I've said, "Oh, let's go to _______ for dinner," only to check the website and realize the restaurant is closed.

So, I have been gathering together a list of our preferred restaurants which are open on Sunday. I focused primarily on places where dressing up is not required, as The Folk Singer would rather stir risotto for hours on end than pick out something nice to wear for Sunday dinner. I have found this list to be a great reference but am always looking to add more and branch out. If you and have suggestions, then we would love to hear about them in the comments.

Open on Sunday
Bacchanal, Cafe Degas, Crescent Pie & Sausage Co., Domenica, Little Tokyo, Mandina's, Pizza Delicious, R&O's, Venezia, Vincent's (Uptown), Zea.


NOJuju said...

Parkway Bakery is open on Sundays.

Donnie Boy Riguez said...

Chick Fil A is also closed on Sundays.

Jonathan Maki said...

5 happiness, Taqueria Carona..

Phil said...

I'm always disappointed when we get turned away on Sunday. In defense of those restaurants, Sunday is the hardest day to operate in the industry.
Phil's Grill is open though on Sunday.

Susan said...

It has changed over the years, but according to their web site, La Crepe Nanou is open for dinner on Sundays (it was open Sundays, then it wasn't, now it is again?). So is Martinique Bistro. I often refer out of towners to Upperline on Sundays. I like your casual dining choices- in the same vein, I also like eating at Mimi's on Sundays (is THAT the day they have sangria now- I always get it wrong).